Where to ride

Queenstown - the hub of mountain biking. Trails that range from extreme downhill, cross country expeditions, kids friendly zones and freeride heaven.
Bring all your bikes or rent what you can't pack, here's just a few ideas to tempt you below.
NZbyBike Queenstown has also heaps of Queenstown bike trails maps, write ups, and photos on their web site. Check them out on their web site NZbyBike.

Skyline Mountain Bike Trails

The Queenstown Bike Park is right in town, and you access it by the Skyline Gondola. There is also an access road that you can ride up if you're feeling fit, or push up.  To get to the top of the Gondola station takes about 45 minutes on average (or 18 mins if your Justin Leov!).

Riding wise, this is where all the best downhill riding is in town, with beautiful natural flowing single track in abundance!  The new Hammy's track is the best bet to start on, 6kms of gentle radient and flowing track, one of the easiest routes down.  Some of our favourites are Fernhill Loop and Ants track.  Fernhill Loop is definitely a locals favourite in town, with an awesome technical root fest that never tires!  Ants track is pretty much the steepest trail up there, and makes a great challenge to get down without having a tumble because your brakes usually stop working!

 Trail Map
7-Mile Mountain bike reserve

Do a bit of mountain biking back home and fancy a bit more of a challenge and a workout, 7-Mile is for you!  This little gem in the Queenstown mountain biking crown is an absolutely awesome area, which, although small has been extremely well utilised and you can quite easily spend hours playing around on all the different loops.  There are large concise trail maps in at both entry points of the reserve and one smack bang in the middle, so you are doing something wrong if you get lost! Although it can still happen!

Recommended trails are Kachoong and Grin and Holler! Brilliant downhill sections that flow like water!  A great mixture of berms, jumps and wooden log rides that will test even the most seasoned riders.

7 Mile is 6km from Queenstown towards Glenorchy, it is easy enough to ride there from town, and you can incorporate some other rides on your way there if you fancy a longer mission to do. This area was built and is maintained by Queenstown Mountain Bike Club.


Lakeside Trails - for everyone
Queenstown to Frankton or Kelvin Heights or Jacks Point:

If you are looking for a nice easy lakeside trail that encompasses beautiful views and a bit of exercise (but nothing too strenuous) then this is a great track that you can spend 3-4 hours doing.  The beauty of this ride is that you are off the road the whole time, and riding on a track specifically built for cyclist and walkers.  It is one of the only rides you can do in this mountainous area that is relatively flat the whole way, so it's great if you don't fancy too many 400m vertical climbs!  Technically it's great for beginners, and definitely one of the most popular rides in town.
Lake Hayes - Just out of town, a leisurely ride around the lakeside. Stop for a swim. It's warm.

An option for all enthusiasts, technical steep single track and freeride trails packed with huge berms and jumps.
Wynyard Express - Remarkables - Zoot track - Skyline Trails. Queenstown Bike Taxi's operate weekly shuttles on wynyard and zoot. (talk to the team instore for our locals choice)
The local jump scene is massive, with the best jump park in the south.
Gorge Road Jump Park and Wynyard Mini Dream.

Cross Country
The perfect way to explore queenstown from short 2-3 hr peddles to day long backcountry trips.

Shorter trails
12 Mile to Bobs Cove
Moke Lake Loop
7 Mile Scenic Reserve
Longer trails
These trails will get you out into the old gold mining areas with spectacular views
Moonlight Track
Skippers Canyon Trails
Mace Town
Queenstown to Jacks Point
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